Feeling Novemberly

fall, trees



And it’s already November. What? Seriously, what? I want to wrap up the rest of the year and seal it inside an envelope so it won’t get away from me. I wish that would work.



I’m dedicating the rest of 2014 to finishing the first draft of this book, revising the heck out of it, supporting my writing friends both near and far, and prepping for 2015. ‘Cause 2015 is gonna blow every other year right out of the stratosphere, right? That’s my plan. (I hope someone is listening!)



We haven’t had a lot of sunshine here, but I managed to grab a few minutes this week in a long, backroad car drive after a Teen Services Summit library workshop in the pretty town of Perth (see my lunchtime photo above). I still managed to find a few things to swoon over this fall, though. Music, books, workshops, chocolate, movies. Mostly chocolate. Always chocolate.



♥  Taylor Swift’s album 1989    ♥  Workshops with teen librarians   ♥  My amazing sister

♥  4-year-old Mayhem and her fabulous Instagram fashion!   ♥  YouTube   ♥  Bakeries

♥  Roku, Netflix & Fiio   ♥  Salted Caramel Mochas in a cup with my name scrawled on it

♥  Special phone calls from Myrtle Beach   ♥ THE BONE CLOCKS   ♥  Robot costumes



I’m gearing up for what I’m calling “Five Sundays in November”, a series of writing workshops for the young writers who live in my community. Lots of books, writing exercises and snacks are planned. I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, I’m opening up my Word Doc as we speak to tackle the ending to MANIAC.  Wish me luck…….









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