Endurance by Scott Kelly




Endurance. The word should be emblazoned on my forehead. I feel like it says everything about 2017.  I endured.



ENDURANCE by Scott Kelly won’t go on my list of best books for 2017, but it held my interest. I love space books (and mountain climbing books, and shark books, and just about anything that takes me someplace I’ll probably never go and could never do….really, I’m wimpy). But I love reading about all that stuff, and this one didn’t disappoint. It tells the story of US astronaut Scott Kelly and his journey to spending a year on the International Space Station.



If you’d like to know what it takes (if you have the Right Stuff, so to speak) to become an astronaut, and to excel, at that, then this book will give you all the feels. It wasn’t easy for Scott, and the title ENDURANCE adequately reflects the struggle. The book reads as an astronaut’s life should—full of confidence, swagger, and accomplishment. Would any other career read quite the same?  Hmmm…




But, seriously, isn’t endurance what we should ALL strive to achieve in our lives? Endurance isn’t just about enduring something, or getting through it…it’s about standing our ground and coping/working hard to come out on the other side, building up stamina to make it to the end. Working hard is good. It brings a sense of satisfaction, even if it doesn’t bring the “end goal” you’d like. Endure. Endure. Endurance is the art of enduring. She endures. I can work with that.



(If you came here looking for a book review of ENDURANCE, you can find it here on Goodreads.)


Maybe endurance should be my word of 2o18.



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