Cookies, Friends and Fall

It’s fall.




No, not really. But it went from hot and humid here to chilly, rainy and fall-ish.  Means that I can finally break out the sweaters and tuck into Pumpkin Spice Lattes. It also means long weekends working in the kitchen, baking some treat or other. And because we’ve been staying away from stuff like this in our house lately, it’s been a while since I’ve baked anything. I must say, the house smelled like heaven this weekend.






For my Friday check-in with the YABuccaneers Fall Bootcamp, I’m working hard. I didn’t quite meet my goal last week of hitting the 40,000 word mark, but this week, I did better, even with having to work two nights in a row at the library. This thing is really happening! I’m writing everyday, and keeping up a solid word count while I’m at it. If you’re participating, tweet to let us know how YOU did this week!



Tonight, we’re visiting friends for dinner. A lovely way to end another busy week. Stay tuned next week for a fun new blog item!




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