Clifford, The Mayor & Chopsticks

It was an unusual week, to say the least. The weather finally turned sweltering. When I say sweltering, I mean melt-your-shoes-to-the-pavement sweltering. After weeks and weeks of cool, rainy weather, we finally get to complain about summer. And wouldn’t you know it, I had to do school visits where there was no air conditioning. My hair doesn’t do well on a good day; imagine it with 200% humidity. (Yes, that’s why I can never go to the rainforest. Honest, it has nothing to do with the enormous bugs or my paralyzing fear of flying.)



Last weekend, I lost the S-pen stylus that came with my phone. Do I use it much?  Not really, but it’s part of the phone! I need it. And no need to panic, I only lost it in my husband’s car. But I tell you, the search for this tiny black stylus was EPIC.  And after a week tearing apart the car, a long trip back to the place where I lost it (don’t ask), I finally had the bright idea. Get out a chopsticks, girl! That’ll do it! So, I practically pranced to the car and jiggled the chopstick along the seat track and…..voila! Out popped the stylus! Yes, I think that proves it—almost any problem can be solved with a chopstick!



At my one school visit on Monday—when it was four gazillion degrees with the humidity—I was taken from room to room by:






I know. My life is very special.



On Tuesday, I was invited to our Town Hall for a Town Council meeting, so I could present the award from Library and Archives Canada & the TD Bank to the members of the council. Photos ensued. Maybe a little cheering, but that was mostly on my end.



Thursday, we finally got to see our pictures from the photo shoot I had a few weeks ago with my sister, mom and niece.  It was wonderful and cringe-worthy all at the same time. Not much else to say, really. I’ll share some…eventually. 🙂



And this afternoon, I’m gearing up for our Library Lemonade stand! It’s so exciting to act like a kid again for a few hours. If you’re anywhere near the library, drop on by and say hello!  I’ll be the one at the big table, with the jugs of icy lemonade.  And the cute straws. Have to have cute straws!!







Okay, if you can’t be here today, I have a few summery links to share with you for the weekend. And don’t forget, MONDAY is the BIG REVEAL Don’t forget!



♥   I looked through a lot of these ideas to come up with a fancy lemonade stand. Thank you, Pinterest.



♥   Is this the best lemonade recipe ever?  Or this one?  How about this? You decide.



♥   To go with the drink theme today, how about this beautiful idea for your lawn. A spilled milk garden?



♥   And seriously, I want to do this. I need a paper cutter, but I want to do this…..



Have a wonderful weekend!  Take a few minutes and enjoy some lemonade!





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