Candy, posts and passwords

I now have more passwords than friends. Yes, it’s true. After setting up a Facebook page, new blog, email, Feedburner, hosting account and a million other things that had to be done for this site, I can’t keep track of the passwords.  And those are just for my online presence. Don’t even ask me about my personal accounts.



But one person I have to thank for making this whole process so easy, is my amazing blog designer, Hafsah! She is brilliant! If you are interested in setting up a customized blog or website, she’s your girl. She is the founder of IceyDesigns…and at 19 years old, this girl is amazing beyond her years. She took a dozen crazy initial emails, figured out what I was trying to say and came up with everything I was seeing in my head. (I’m wondering if her talents really include ESP, but we won’t go there.) And after 84 emails in all (yes….about 80 of those were my wacky questions), she ended up with the superb design you see here. I’m in love with it, the quirky and gorgeous chalkboard art design that is going to inspire me everytime I sit down to write a post. Thank you Hafsah!



Now quick, go to her website and see what else she’s done!  You won’t be disappointed!



So, after weeks of getting all the aforementioned sites organized, functioning and pretty, I’m finally sitting down to write!  Which is really what this whole endeavor is about, right? I can’t say that it is going to be easy this morning, but I have a little help. Yes, my name is Heidi Sinnett and I’m a candy addict.







Too early in the day for candy? Who says? Maybe I’ll go to work today and be a little too hyper for my co-workers, but I’m hoping it’ll help me get lots done. Now….on to the writing!



(Did you visit Hafsah’s site yet?  What are you waiting for?)



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