Are You Reading this Summer?

Over at the YA Buccaneers, we’re having a Summer Reading Challenge that runs until August 31st. If you’re like most of us, summer can be a great time to catch up on some of those TBR piles, and we’re hoping this challenge will give you some incentive to really get down to it. Did I mention there are prizes???


So, how does it work? Below, I’m including the Summer Reading Challenge Bingo Board which has sooooo many great reading challenge squares that I just want to dive in right now! (See what I did there? Dive in…) And that’s the whole point…to challenge yourself. Read outside your usual genre. Forget your comfort zone and read something totally different. And yes, you can count a book on more than one square.






Pop over to the YA Buccaneers blog to sign up (just click this link and you’ll go right to the spot). Once we’ve got you on the list, we’ll have regular Friday check-ins, similar to the ones we did for our Spring Writing Bootcamp. You can tell us what you’re reading, what you’ve already accomplished, rave about a fabulous book, or suggest something to other readers. We want this summer to be FULL of participation from our wonderful readers!



While the prizes haven’t been announced yet, I can guarantee they’ll be spectacular! Keep watching for more info, but I promise, you’ll want to get started right away. The sooner you begin, the better your chances for winning. And who doesn’t want to be a winner?!



Up first for me is a book I’ve been meaning to read for years now. It’s a middle grade novel in verse called ZORGAMAZOO by Canadian author Robert Paul Weston. I heard him speak at a library conference a while back, and laughed so hard at his crazy stories that I NEED to read this book.





What is YOUR first square going to be? Let me know what you’re reading….





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