And then I made Mayonnaise

We cleaned out our fridge last weekend.  You know how it is. There are a million half-empty bottles in the back, just taking up space. I like to think we’ll eat whatever it is that’s congealed/grown fur/liquified, but let’s be honest, I’d rather suck down a handful of squirming cockroaches than use the last of the spaghetti sauce (when did we even eat spaghetti recently?). So, we opened all the bottles, chucked out what was left, and deposited the clean empties in the recycling bin.



And then we needed mayonnaise.



We hardly ever say that anymore, after adopting our “let’s eat vegetables all the time” program. But we decided to have a bit of a blowout, and we bought burgers and fries…and hey, where’s the mayonnaise? What’s a girl to do? Hop in the car and go to the store to buy a bottle of mayo we’ll only use once and end up throwing out in six months?  Nope. I went all Martha while my husband was out BBQ’ing…and I MADE mayonnaise. Yep. Made. It.



(Shhh….if you’ve made it before, don’t let on how completely simple it is. Work with me here, please.)  After consulting many cooking gurus, famous chefs I have on speed dial, and several cookbooks, I got out the eggs and numerous other ingredients (all three), and went to town. Sure, my wrist was sore after all that whisking, but the result was a gorgeous, creamy concoction that looked fabulously time-consuming. And it tasted pretty good, too.



It’s the little things in life that make the most impact. I swear, I’m going to be thinking about homemade mayo for weeks. Yeah. I need a hobby, I know.



So, along with the great mayo accomplishment, it was another great week for my team of Bootcampers.  We’re all still hanging in there, moving forward. Yay to Amy, Kristen, Megan and Katrina for making some BIG strides this week. Lois, Cynthia, Sonja and I are still plugging away. Good thing we have some great teammates to give us encouragement!








Where will we be next week as we enter into the last month of the YAB Spring Writing Bootcamp? Only time will tell……



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