All the Things

July. Where did you get to? While August is in beginning swing, here are the things that made me happiest in July.



♥   THE SPECTACULAR NOW   ♥   History of the Eagles LIVE in Concert   ♥   Yonanas!

♥   Instagram   ♥   Dark chocolate granola bars   ♥   Seeing my niece write beautiful cursive

♥   A planned hookey day from work   ♥   Running across parking lots   ♥   Royal Babies

♥   Haribo gummi bears   ♥   Resisting temptation   ♥  Paul McCartney Concert   ♥  birthday

♥   Finding perfect summer sandals   ♥  Getting my great-grandmother’s shortbread recipe

♥   Gorgeous handbags   ♥   Sharknado   ♥   Pretty nail polish   ♥   Family dinners

♥   ELEANOR & PARK   ♥   Music blasting in the car   ♥   Air conditioning   ♥   Pirates

♥   My sister   ♥   Actually getting somewhere with my WIP   ♥  Laughing with my husband






Heidi Sinnett

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2 Responses to All the Things

  1. That is a fantastic Love List!!

    Why isn’t Birthday capitalized?! HAPPPPPPYYYYY BIIIIIRRRRRTHDAY!!! *loads confetti cannon with gummi bears and champagne* *fires*

    There were a couple of surprises in your love list though, like Sharknado. I tried to explain the premise of Sharknado to Chris and he said, “We’re in the wrong business babe. We could make millions!” And then proceeded to list things like Manateelanche (avalanche of manatees, etc. etc.)

    Hope you have a splendid week! 🙂

    • Heidi Sinnett says:

      LOL I laughed so hard at the Manateelanche thing!!! Ha ha ha….that’s great! 🙂 You should definitely look into that, give Hollywood a call before someone else does! You don’t wanna be kicking yourself later when you turn on the Sci-fy channel and see it playing….. 😉

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