All in a Week.

Most weeks, I go to work, get groceries, write, and maybe on a wild day, get a coffee at Starbucks. It’s not overly exciting, but I like it that way. Some weeks, I do this:



Attend a workshop and sing with a world-class choir.



almonte in concert



We’re lucky to have an annual music series that takes place in the town next to ours called Almonte in Concert. Since I live in a fairly small town, the option of hearing amazing performances of classical music is rare.  But this series opens up the world, and often airs on CBC Radio, as well. My husband and I attend at least one of these per season, but this year, I was thrilled when the lineup announced a visit by the Elmer Iseler Singers.



I heard this choral group when I was a teenager attending a huge classical music event in Toronto.  They regularly perform with the Toronto Symphony, and travel around the world giving concerts and recording. Coming from a classical music background, I was blown away to learn they were giving a workshop before the concert…and attendees could perform with them that evening!! I signed up right away.  The concert was amazing, the choir members were incredibly kind and it was an experience of a lifetime! I didn’t get any photos during the concert, but I know there was a photographer there, so I might be able to scrounge one up at a later date.



I dressed like a zombie.






It was Zombie Apocalypse Craft Night at the library—one of the many crazy events I do each year. And this time, I really got into it. I must say, I know it frightened a few of the kids, and my boss couldn’t even look at me, but it was also fun. Amazing what a little makeup and some back-combing can do, isn’t it?



The Baking Never Stopped!






I started my Christmas baking this week, and by that I mean, I never left the kitchen!!!



Invasion of the Bees!






For some strange reason, bees invaded our house. In one day, we probably killed 50 – 75 bees.  They were pretty dopey and easy to smush, but I still didn’t like it. Imagine sleeping in a house where bees could come into the room at any minute!! No, that feeling is NOT a good one.  Thankfully, we’re pretty sure we’ve sourced the problem, and aside from a stray bee here and there, they’ve gone.




Handmade Harvest, I love you!




handmade harvest



Once again, the fantastic Handmade Harvest Craft Show was an event not to be missed. This two-day handmade goods extravaganza is the brainchild of two of the loveliest ladies you could ever meet, Colleen Hewitt and Emily Arbour! (I swear, these two women are poised to take over the world! Genius, is all I can say. And adorable, too!) Not only do people line up outside these events for hours, HOURS (yes, I’ve done it), but they have so much fun inside the show, too! This weekend, there were two days of totally different vendors…..woodworkers, bakers, tent makers, quilters, creative underwear sewers, birdhouse builders… name it, they had it. And I bought things.  Lots of things.  Things I can’t tell you about here because YOU might be getting something. But I’m already looking forward to the next one.




Oh, and I went to see a guy who loves Duct Tape (long story), enjoyed a very busy retirement tea for my boss who is leaving at the end of the year, did a wild happy dance for my WONDERFUL critique partner who just garnered herself a literary agent, and heard some very sad news about a dear friend of the family.



It was a week full of ups and downs, but I survived. Can’t wait to see what’s coming up the line this week!



Heidi Sinnett

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