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All right, I didn’t really spend the summer in a paper city. Not exactly, anyway. But it was a big part of my summer reading program at the library, and this week was the end of it all. Oh, how … Continue reading

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That was the headline on an ad I noticed yesterday. No, I wasn’t on a diet or exercise page. In fact, I was looking at nail polish (see yesterday’s post). But here was a very fit young woman who looked … Continue reading

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My skin is a gorgeous blue. It’s the kind of luminescent blue you might see sparkling off the coast of a Greek Island. I must say, the colour is so perfect, so transformative, it relegates all tiny scars, dark spots … Continue reading

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    This was my fortune cookie the other night at dinner. After a lovely first day of holidays, I got this. Hmmm….not so good. Should I ignore it, or steel myself? Maybe I’ll do a little of both.   … Continue reading

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All right, to follow a post called “I Must Be a Jedi”, I had to go with something very un-nerdy and confident, okay? “I know I’m hot!” is actually a dumb line from a 2006 reality TV show called “Are … Continue reading

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