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I bought strawberries this week. Not the pick-your-own kind, straight from the fields, but the ones that arrived in my grocery store, straight from California.  I know, I should be eating local, but it was the long weekend and I … Continue reading

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  Either I’m at Starbucks, or at the movies. Yes, right about now, I’m on the tail end of a week-long vacation, but it’s been a good one. Vacation doesn’t equal not writing. In fact, I’ve done more writing this … Continue reading

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Tuesday twenty-second tip? Okay, so it’s Wednesday, but I’ve had internet hassles, so we can all pretend it’s still Tuesday, right?  Here’s my tip for the week!  

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I began writing my fourth book recently. It sounds like a great accomplishment, but I must admit, only two out of those finished three have real merit.  The first was a “practice” novel, I think. So, when I began the … Continue reading

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