A woman’s purse is a private thing. We’d like you to believe we carry only the essentials for living, only those things we can’t bear to be without for a few minutes, and only what every other woman has in her purse.



I’m pretty sure the truth is more like this:



pocket1Pocket #1


•  hand sanitizer   •  2 lip balms   •  1 lip gloss  •  1 lipstick  •  car insurance folder

•  1 concealer   •  1 Burt’s Bees   •  1 hand cream   •  1 nasal spray   •  1 list

•   1 receipt   • 1 green apple tic tacs   •  dental floss   •  14 chocolate bar coupons (!)

•  driver’s license   •  1 mini calculator   •  eye drops   •  1 pen   •  1 nail file

•  3 mints   •  1 mini flashlight   •  Burt doll  •  straw wrapper



pocket2Pocket #2

•  notebook   •  2 sets of car keys   •  house keys   •  work keys   •  bottle of Advil

•  1 lint roller   •  1 list  •  1 pink paper clip   •  1 compact mirror   •  mini nail files

•  2 rolls of Tums   •  Gravol   •  Immodium   •  Listerine tongue refreshers



pocket3Pocket #3

•  1 list   •  3 receipts   •  1 pkg Christmas Kleenex   •  1 cell phone   •  1 wallet   •  sunglasses

•  mini flash light   •  1 mint   •  1 straw wrapper



These are the contents of my purse on a regular basis, with the exception of special days, when I might need to carry more. Apparently, I’m worried I’ll run out of chocolate bars at a thrifty price, that I’ll be lost in a dark spot without a flashlight, and that I might need a mint at a moment’s notice. I also need multiple lip glosses/lipsticks/lip balms because, well, of course…and I have a new car, so all of my iced coffee straw wrappers are being shoved in my purse for fear of messing up the newness.  Don’t ask about Burt. He’s my pal.


Yes, my bag is heavy. Yes, I know it’s a lot of stuff. No, I won’t leave any of it at home tomorrow just because I’ve been shamed into it. I need my stuff.



What do you carry with YOU everyday? Bet it isn’t any worse than my haul….






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I’m late, late, late to reading this, but I just finished Stephen King’s JOYLAND.  I guess I’m on a bit of a horror kick lately after Josh Malerman’s BIRD BOX, and honestly, I’m on the lookout for something equally as creepy to keep me up at night. But let’s get back to the amusement park, shall we?






I was in the middle of JOYLAND when the controversy broke regarding the mix up of King’s title, and a Canadian book by the same name published in 2006 from author Emily Shultz. If you were living on the moon during this period, here’s what happened:  Shultz’s eBook popped onto Amazon quite some time ago, and did moderately well. But when King released only a paperback version of his own JOYLAND, people bought Shultz’s eBook by mistake, thinking it was King’s.



Okay, I know what you’re thinking….what???  Yes, apparently these poor unsuspecting readers don’t bother with author names or book covers or, well, reading, because they assumed the book was King’s latest and then complained that it wasn’t typical King fare.



Shultz is enjoying the mix-up however, and is detailing her purchases from the royalties gained through it, on a blog called: $pending the $tephen King Money!  And why not? Good for her! It hasn’t made her super rich, but it’s a nice little bonus for an author who isn’t as well known as Mr. King.  And if you’re thinking about writing a book with a famous title just to cash in on some possible future mistakes, don’t bother. It would probably never happen again in a million years. (If you’re really thinking about writing a book, get out there and write YOUR book!)



Anyway, let’s talk about JOYLAND by Stephen King. I’d like to call it his latest NA book, because his main character, Devon Jones, is a college student.  But if he was trying to cash in on this new category, it only somewhat applies. (I don’t think that was his intention, anyway.)Yes, there is the angst of growing up, of losing a first love and finding another, and of searching for one’s place in the world. Devon Jones does all of that within the walls of this book, but as is typical of Stephen King, these are the elements that just flesh out the story, not the story itself. (Or, one could argue the opposite, of course. King’s novels are all character-driven….something I believe is essential to all of his work.)



So, Jones begins working a summer job at a mid-size amusement park called Joyland. He’s heartbroken because he’s just lost his first sweetheart, and he still has hopes of rekindling the relationship somewhere down the line. But he makes some good friends at the park, and it helps to ease the pain. It wouldn’t be a Stephen King book without something sinister, though, would it? Devon becomes involved with a terminally-ill child (who has a gift of foresight, maybe?), and his young mother, and along the way, discovers there is more to an old story about a murder at the park than he’d like to know.



This book had SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION and THE GREEN MILE written all over it right from the start, and I wasn’t disappointed. I only wish the cover was a little less crime-fiction-esque so that I could recommend it to those readers willing to explore the gentler side of King when looking for books at the library.



What I love most about King’s writing are his characters.  He could have the wildest setting, or the most bland, and yet his characters would become friends to the reader no matter what. He is the master of characterization, and I read not only to learn from him, but because I love how he weaves a tale like no other. I’m cracking the spine on MR. MERCEDES as we speak!




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As a librarian, I’m often asked for book recommendations. Sometimes, the answer is simple, especially if I read what the patron is asking for. Other times, I may have to consult with someone else in the library, especially if it’s an area where I’m really not well versed. That’s why i LOVE this wonderful website called “Go Book Yourself”.  Not only is it beautiful, it’s easy to use and always has fantastic suggestions.





So, they’ll take a book like the one shown above (one of my absolute favourites, by the way), and then suggest four other books that either have the same theme, similar writing styles, or characters. Four books! That’s massive! The suggestions are really well done, and not the mish-mash that can happen when you just Google a book for similar reads.






Of course, this is just one of the suggestions, but you get the point. You can join their mailing list so that you’ll always be up on new posts, or pop in a book title and see what comes up. Genius!



What are YOU reading today?  I’ve just started Stephen King’s MR. MERCEDES. Yay!




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The world rushes by my doorstep, leaving me breathless as I try to find solid footing. I have no one to blame but myself for the multitude of yesses, and yet, I often hear the names of others pouring from my lips in my despair. It seems I cannot say ‘no’. And without that simple word, I begin to lose myself.



I am lost.



But all is not lost. Not yet, anyway. And so for the month of July, I begin a Radical Self Love Challenge. It doesn’t mean I’ll forget everything I’ve committed to, but that I’ll try to commit to less and enjoy more going forward. Today, I’m sharing a few of the things that make me happy.







  Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea in my favourite beautiful teacup    ♥  Sunshine

  David Sedaris’ clever essays     Faux calligraphy    A/C indoors and in my new car

  YouTube, Roku & Netflix     Smarties     Chubby lip balms      Watermelon salad

  My flying shark air swimmer   ♥  Super cute baby Prince George photos     Love



I’ll be posting daily #RadicalSelfLoveJuly Instagram photos if you want to follow along.  In the meantime, here’s to saying ‘YES’ more often to ourselves, and ‘NO’ when we really mean it.







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It’s Birthday Month! While my birthday falls a little later this month (amazingly, I’m 28 again!), July also includes Canada’s birthday, the United States’ birthday, and just as important, it’s the YA Buccaneers’ birthday!  That’s right, it’s been one whole year that we’ve been doing our swashbuckling thing, and we’ve got LOTS to celebrate!






We’ve done Word Sprints, challenged writers to a Spring Writing Bootcamp, played Bingo, announced book deals, Walked the Plank, given away signed copies of new releases, done interviews, made fools of ourselves, participated in blog hops, shared playlists and photos of our workspaces and sooooooo much more! And now we want to celebrate all of our high seas adventures with MORE STUFF!!






All you have to do is pop on over to the blog this month and participate in one of our fun events. It’s as easy as that! And who knows? Maybe you’ll be the one to sail away with a fabulous prize.




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